Hip Daddy

05 03

Today’s Hip Daddy Approved: Rockets of Awesome.

First off, the name is kinda awesome.  Second, the idea is simple.  Shopping with your little kids can suck (meltdown central, picky selectors, no interest, time ticking away, etc), so why not create a better way.  Voila…Rockets of Awesome is the solution.

By now, every Hip Daddy  knows plenty about the monthly subscription ‘kit’ game, and so this formula for the kids clothing market makes sense.  Rockets of Awesome will find out what our Hip Daddy child likes, send us some clothes (4x/year with 8-12 items per shipment), we pick what we like and only get charged for what we keep (typically all items under $40), free shipping, no hidden fees, etc.  Personalized-Convenient-Value…perfecto!

We really like the ethos behind the brand- simplifying the lives of parents and celebrating real life with kids. #Nuffsaid.  So give this company a look.  It was started by Rachel Blumenthal (formerly of Cricket’s Circle) who we know has some style, which means your kids will have some style should you partake in some Rockets of Awesome!