Hip Daddy

03 31

Smell Good On Your Own Time. Try Commodity.

Admit it, you use to rock Davidoff Cool Water cologne like no other, we all did.  It smelled good and that unique, mysterious bottle kept you coming back for more.  Okay, the 90’s are over.  So here we are.  Older, possibly not into any sort of fragrances at all.  Perhaps because you simply like the Old Spice smell alone, or perhaps because you don’t have time to go to a department store and find a scent for you?  Well, you are not alone…

From Trunk Club to Warby Parker to Harry’s to all sorts of others, the world of ‘mail-order’ convenience has changed.  And of course, the fragrance category is getting in on the game too.  Commodity Goods is a company whose mission is to make fragrance personal:  “We developed an online system to make shopping for fragrance convenient from your own home.  With the world’s first Try-At-Home Fragrance Fitting Kit, you are able to sniff through our entire collection of fragrances and take our scents for a test drive before selecting your full size.”  Perfect.  So now, for all you Hip Daddys that might just like to have a new Spring smell in the air at the Hip Daddy Household, Commodity might just be your answer.  The Try-At-Home process is outlined here, and carefully thought out btw.  Even better, they are a creative company full of interesting content which we here at Hip Daddy HQ will always support.  Simply put, we are feeling these guys, and maybe you should too.

Truth be told, we have yet to try out their service, but we appreciate their business model and their goal of simplifying a busy lifestyle.  And we all know every child likes a nice smelling Hip Daddy…do you remember what your Dad smelled like? Tough question, but hopefully it is a fond memory and smell.  If not, our bad.  So forget about the “Axe Effect”, you are too old for that (although we do love some of their humorous advertising), and start thinking about Commodity.  It might just bring you back into the fragrance game, decades later after your first Cool Water experience…which might be hard to beat…#justsayin #timeforsomethingnew.