Hip Daddy

04 17

Trunk Club: Your Own Personal Stylist In a Box.

Check out this new company hailing from the Windy City that is attempting to disrupt the men’s fashion category, Trunk Club.  For Men.  The idea is simple…after a phone consult with one of their many stylists, a nicely curated box of high-end clothes shows up at your door, you only pay for the things you choose to keep, and voila, no need to go shopping anymore and no sneaky membership fees.   This offering is ideal for those of you who find department stores a bit too stuffy or intimidating given vastness of selection…or simply need some help when it comes to finding some new designers necessary to their closets.  It’s about Discovery and Ease, and a Personal Concierge element to it which of course all Hip Daddys like.

In theory, this sounds amazing.  Now let’s see if they get it right.  A Hip Daddy Trunk Club box is on its way to Hip Daddy Headquarters right now…so we will be sure to check back in with the final scorecard.  Alas, Hip Daddy likes to shine the light on new companies trying to do things differently, Trunk Club is one of them.  Enjoy the exploration.