Hip Daddy

08 13

Blue Apron: Empowering Every Hip Daddy to Cook

Every Hip Daddy loves a home cooked meal, and we also know all that goes on behind the scenes to get that meal on the table…it’s not easy…even when you know the recipe by heart, getting organized to put a meal together can still be time consuming!  Further, sticking to a few mealtime staples also becomes a habit as taking this time and energy to diversify the Hip Daddy Household menu sometimes is not in the cards.  Thankfully, Blue Apron is here! And is making mealtimes easier for Hip Daddys across the country while simultaneously helping them break out of their kitchen routines.   Awesome.

Hip Daddy loves a smart start-up.  And given these guys just raised a smooth $50Million in financing, they know what they are doing (we think) and are yet another entry into this booming food-ordering subscription service category.  Blue Apron delivers “meal kits”–including pre-measured ingredients and recipe cards–in refrigerated boxes to members, who subscribe to the service for about $60 a week.   The subscription translates to a cost of about $10 a meal per person, with most typical customers getting 3 meals a week for a party of two (and even more for that Hip Daddy Household.)  Users choose from six recipes, which the company changes each week.  If you’re traveling, or don’t want anything from that week’s menu, you can “roll over” their meals to another week.  And we love a ‘roll-over’ concept…it’s the right thing to do.  Also, high quality ingredients are a priority for this company, as their experts “source the best seasonal ingredients directly from farms, importers and family-run purveyors.”  We like the sound of that (sort of a Farm to Table thing going on as well.)  Blue Apron seems to actually ‘care’ about what they are doing, and have a purposefulness that we are liking.

Okay, so you won’t find any chicken fingers or Annie’s Mac & Cheese on the Blue Apron Menu.  But that’s the point.   Change is good, for you alone and for your kids.  A busy Hip Daddy Household means you have better things to worry about than planning and shopping for mealtime.  So let Blue Apron help you out.  You’ll save time and eat better.  It’s that #simple.