Hip Daddy

05 09

Break the Habit. Know Habit.

You are what you eat.  So we are told.  Every Hip Daddy goes through the stages of wanting to lose weight, wanting to feel better, wanting to look better, wanting to be a better you- which ultimately makes us a better parent/Dad.  So how do we get there?  We’ve tried lots and have covered lots…and will continue to do so, we are always evolving here at Hip Daddy HQ.  Let’s talk about tech and food, let’s talk Habit.  

Habit is a science-based, personalized nutrition solution to help you eat with confidence and feel your best- they believe that “feeling your best starts with what you put in your body, but eating right is easier said than done.”  We completely agree, it’s not easy being a Dad 🙂  In a gist, you are sent a kit, you swab your mouth, prick a finger, send it back, the science begins, and voila, an uber personalized nutrition plan is created, and if you want, some meals are sent your way as well.  It sounds complicated but it really isn’t.   It’s simply a company that believes in the ‘science of you’ and looks at you from the cell ular level.  Learning about how your body handles cards, fats, and proteins, as well as learning more about your genes is kinda cool and make sense to the Hip Daddy always looking to ‘get better.’  

Okay, sure, just another food/health start-up attempting to do amazing unicorn like things you may ponder? But this one has promise and we believe.  Not only have they raised more then $30 million from the likes of Campbell Soup (yes, that soup company…#kindofabigdeal), their Founder Neil Grimmer knows success and is especially close to us here at Hip Daddy given his former company he founded, Plum Organics.  Plum is or has likely been an important part to every Hip Daddy Household and for that, we thank Neil for a beautiful creation.  Alas, we are betting Habit may just have the same success at some point.

Be a better you.  Be a better Dad.  Get personal.  Break the habit and try Habit.  Friendly note, Habit is only shipping in the Bay Area for now, but luckily we have lots of Bay Area Hip Daddy readers!