Hip Daddy

01 15

The Hip Daddy CES Recap.

First, do you even know what CES is?  Many don’t, actually.  It is the Consumer Electronics Show, happens in Vegas once a year where basically ‘the future’ is unveiled.  From the weird to the mass, all forms of technology come to the dessert for some innovation, creativity, and lots of guys in suits with lanyards around their necks.  So the crowd is actually not that awesome, but the show floor…that’s a different story.

The Hip Daddy lifestyle, overall, needs to know about some of the CES buzz.  Not to mention the Hip Daddy Household alone.  Voice seemed to dominate this year…from Alexa to Bixby to Google Assistant, more than 50% of all searches done in 2020 will be done thru Voice.  That’s right, simply speaking out loud to find answers and input will be what you do…in your house, at work, in your car, etc.  So the Hip Daddy Household needs some Alexa right about now.  On that note, the overall in-home technology coming is ridiculous…from TV’s to mirrors to laundry machines to refrigerators to robots (of all kinds and sizes), your home will be transforming soon enough.   Autonomous vehicles are coming too, yes the Jetsons.  You’ve heard about them and read articles, but you still can’t really picture a self-driving car?  Well…this Hip Daddy rode in one and it was surreal and kinda anti-climatic at the same time #gofigure.  Things like Augmented Reality (which your kids are already likely playing with) and Virtual Reality (hello never having to go to Disney World again…basically) are here to stay, and will only get better as the software and experiences gets smarter and more useful.  And who doesn’t want 5G connectivity, that too, is coming as we all know…imagine the damage your household can do with that? Smart Cars were on display too, with in-car communication features that will make the ‘road trip’ frictionless and fairly easy…but that kind of makes us sad to some extent- some of the stress and craziness that goes into the family road trip is kinda what makes it memorable…sort of.

The future is here.  Embrace it Hip Daddy.

On a closing note, really no need to visit Vegas, #overit.