Hip Daddy

09 12

Every Hip Daddy Household Needs a Smart Doorbell.

Safety first.  In this day and age, technology continues to make our “peace of mind” much more attainable.  And for all you Hip Daddy home owners, knowing who is ringing your doorbell is always a good thing, especially with the kids roaming about.  So let’s talk about doorbells, in particular one startup that has raised over $200 million and also has Hip Daddy Richard Branson as an investor

The Ring Video Doorbell connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network and streams live audio and video to your iPhone or iPad.  From convenience to monitoring to security all in one simple to use smart doorbell, Ring allows you to be “always home”- it’s like a Caller Id for your front door.  Some straightforward and smart messaging here…love this idea (and reality), so nicely done to the minds at Ring.  

With a mission to reduce crime in communities, Santa Monica-based Ring is most certainly attempting to do some good in the neighborhood, and we support this mission.  So get that peace of mind, from wherever you might be, and check these guys out.