Hip Daddy

03 06

Blippar: Augmented Reality For Every Hip Daddy.

Augmented reality technology is fascinating and is getting better and better with each passing day.  Brilliant minds all around the world are working in this space to make it an everyday kinda’ space.  One such company on the Hip Daddy radar is Blippar…and yes, we love this name.

Straight outta London (and Mountain View), Blippar is the only visual discovery app for the real world powered by augmented reality and artificial intelligence.  It’s pretty damn cool! With Blippar you can unlock content by pointing your phone’s camera at any physical object or person you are curious about and voila, Hip Daddy knowledge starts flowing.  Think of it as a real-time AR Wikipedia.  Their mission is “to give you more from the world you see — more information, more value and more entertainment” which ofcourse every Hip Daddy can appreciate.  It’s all about discovery and exploring…something the kids will indeed love using too.

In just five years, Blippar has acquired more than 65 million users (while also raising a ton of $$), which means people are #mostdef downloading and the “blipping” has begun all around the Globe.  And yes, they call it “blipping” which could become a normal ‘thing’, just like snapping, tweeting, etc.  We look forward to them building out their brand a bit more, and raising awareness in all sorts of unique and cool ways.

Blippar is a Hip Daddy Must-Know.  Enjoy your Monday.