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01 05

Technology Will Save Us. Yes It Will…

We here at Hip Daddy are always on the lookout for companies doing beautiful, amazing things.  That’s what we do.  From tech to health to toys to style to all things Hip Daddy, we try and always shine the light on interesting ‘things.’  And when it comes to technology, we are keen to keep our readers on the cusp of “what’s next”…always.  And even better, technology that helps develop our children is always something we like to talk about…

Technology Will Save Us.  It’s the name of the company.  We love this.  Every Hip Daddy always appreciates a creative and bold brand name, so kudos to founders Hip Mommy Bethany Koby & Hip Daddy Daniel Hirschmann for creating a perfect name for a company!  And the product backs it up (even better).  Technology Will Save Us is on a mission “to spark the creative imagination of young people using hands on technology, obsessed with inspiring kids and empowering parents to become creators of technology.”  Pretty solid mission, we can support this #nodoubt.  Their Forbes-Award winning Mover Kit put them on the map- the Mover Kit gets kids moving, building and coding, all while reacting to movement with light.   But they didn’t stop there, check out the Gamer Kit and Speaker Kit!

We here at Hip Daddy HQ believe children should use technology to create, not consume (although sometimes those Dude Perfect videos are quite hilarious #justsayin.)  Technology Will Save Us also believes in this create vs. consume ethos, hence their awesome name.

Technology is everywhere in the Hip Daddy Household.   Be mindful in your approach as 2017 begins!