Hip Daddy

09 18

Stickers & Emojis? Yes, You Need To Know.

It’s Friday.  So let’s keep it simple.  It’s a technology filled world.  It’s a mobile world.  And yes, it’s a messaging app kind of world.  Embrace it Hip Daddy Nation, communication is key.   And your kids are doing it, so you should too 🙂

So start your weekend off by sending some stickers and emojis.  LINE app has plenty but we are really liking Viber, their stickers are quite simply…the best.  From colorful and hilarious to cool collaborations and cause worthy, Viber is bringing some swag to the messaging app sticker market.  This company believes in spreading #GoodVibes, and they are indeed doing so, especially with some of these awesome sticker packs.  Well Done.

Happy Friday.  Get creative, have some fun, send some stickers.