Hip Daddy

01 06

Phyzseek: A New Workout for a New Year.

Okay, so we know health and wellness is fresh on your mind as we enter 2017…every Hip Daddy wants to remain fit and well (especially for our children.)  You’ve got to be in tip-top shape and always on your “A” game #hipdaddylife.  And although you enjoy your group fitness classes like Barry’s or Soulcycle, or even a boxing class at the gym, you might find yourself wanting something different.  Perhaps a bit more intense or a different kind of ‘sweat’.  And something that builds muscle and keeping you looking Hip Daddy lean and mean.  We need workouts that make sense for our bodies, lifestyle and overall expectations.  Well…hello Phyzseek.

Phyzseek is a doctor developed, science driven fitness app that motivates, measures and delivers efficient daily workouts.  It’s all about intensity and efficiency with this one.  Phyzseek wants you to workout hard- and even more hard- while following the app dashboard which tracks and guides you.  It’s kind of like having a personal trainer in your pocket…but without the small talk and price tag…and lots more science 🙂  Smart thinking Phyzseek.  We also like the Founders story (including Chad Labonte who is most certainly a Hip Daddy) as it will likely resonate with many of you.

It’s time to transform the body.  Yes it is.  Try something different.  Phyzseek might just be what the Doctor indeed ordered.