Hip Daddy

10 20

SoulCycle Boston: It’s Coming. Finally.

Oh Boston, you have been so so patient.  One of our top Hip Daddy workouts, SoulCycle, is opening its doors in Boston so so soon.  And yes, that deserves a Hip Hip Hip Daddy Hooray.  (Now we don’t have to drive to Chestnut Hill and spin with all the Wellesley moms and Boston College coeds…nothing against that whatsoever, just like a bit more convenience! )  SoulCycle continues to grow and open new studios all around the country, but thankfully, still maintain their Grade A quality.  From the instructors to the front staff to the cleanliness to the overall pack mentality, Soul is bringing it (and let’s not forget the apparel, which gets better and better for all.)

10/28 is the date.  Boston’s Back Bay finally gets some Soul, the corner of Clarendon and St. James.  So get ready to mount up Hip Daddy Boston Nation, SoulCycle is Coming To Town.  Get Fit.