Hip Daddy

08 06

Flywheel Sports: Get Your Spin Sweat On.

It’s summer.  And every Hip Daddy likes a good sweat.  And bring it indoors, and it gets even hotter.  In the past few years, the popularity of indoor cycling has skyrocketed…and we aren’t talking about your typical gym offered spin classes.  We are talking about the likes of SoulCycle and Flywheel Sports, two cult like indoor options that are leading the spin movement.   Unlike your gym, these cycling studios are specialized, offering several spin classes throughout the day lead by professionally trained instructors in studios that often contain upwards of 50 bikes.  You already know about and read about SoulCycle, so let’s talk about Flywheel for awhile, a bit more ‘manly’ of the two and most def ‘Daddy’ geared…

Flywheel is all about the numbers..and Hip Daddy likes data.  The most unique thing about this spin studio is that it gives you the ability to watch yourself progress over time.  That’s right, Flywheel stores stats via your online profile from every class that you take.  Look back at your class history, view the stored information on your RPM, speed, power, distance, and more, and see the difference that each class makes…that’s what we call a SMART workout.  Flywheel also takes the guesswork out of spinning…there’s no more need to keep track of every half turn to the right on that resistance knob, and there’s no more worrying if you are at the right resistance level…it’s all very choreographed and information ‘giving.’  Ambiance you say? Yep, check the box.  Every Flywheel studio has tiered stadium seating, so now every seat has that unobstructed view of the instructor pumping the loud music from atop their perch.  And if you’re looking for a competitive edge, you can opt-in to a class wide competition on the Torqboard—a big screen TV that uses the stats from your bike to pit you against your classmates in a virtual race- now that’s what we call a Hip Daddy Challenge.  Bring it On.

Yes, Flywheel has the basics: the high quality instructors and the great music, but this company goes above and beyond with its high-tech bikes and online database of your personal statistics.  And this company takes one more extra step by giving you your first class free….confidence?  Yes, they know you might use become addicted.  So try Flywheel (for you Bostonians, the Prudential Mall is your destination), hop on a bike, feel a bit macho, compete, and have some fun.  But always remember, never coast.