Hip Daddy

10 22

Kit & Ace. Technical Luxury for Every Hip Daddy.

Technical apparel? Athleisure? Engineered fabric? A trend started awhile back and is now popping up everywhere.  Lululemon maybe started it years ago, but now we have start-up brands like Ministy of Supply, Athos, Isaora, and now Kit And Ace getting into the action.  Speaking of Lulu, the founding family are the ones behind Kit and Ace, so we can expect some sort of legit product here.  Kit and Ace aspires “to deliver innovative products that provide comfort and ease of use to the wearer, while still offering the style and quality of the luxury brands they love” and even better, “intend to disrupt the market by showing people what is possible.”  We can get behind this sort of mission and belief system, most certainly Hip Daddy Approved.

At first take, we are liking this Gresham long sleeve tee and the Park Henley, both perfect for every Hip Daddy weekend.  Overall, very promising brand here, and we love the logo and clean design! Oh, and we look forward to attending the Kit and Ace Surf Club which is one of those cool ideas every HD can appreciate.

Kit and Ace.  Worth a look.  The trend is in full-swing and might just be around for awhile.