Hip Daddy

04 29

Peloton Cycle = Work. Out. At. Home.

It’s Friiidaaay, so let’s get the weekend started right with a workout.  Go for a jog, take a Soul Cycle class, lift some weights, do Barry’s, do your thing.  Whatever the case, sweat….it does the body good.  As you know, we here at Hip Daddy HQ always have our eyes peeled for those companies doing interesting things, and as it relates to working out, check this one out…

Peloton Cycle is an exercise bike with indoor cycling classes streamed live & on-demand.  Interesting concept indeed!  And we especially like the meaning of the word ‘pel-o-ton’, which is “the main group of riders in a race” and therefore, riders in a peloton work together, conserve energy and perform better because of one another.  Hip Daddy likes teamwork! Now this entire concept is based on a pretty expensive bike to begin with, and does involve actually not being in a group in a real studio (a la Soul, Flywheel, etc), which for some might be challenging to motivate.  However, for others who don’t need that live mentality, and might not have time to visit the studio/gym, Peloton is looking real good.  Founded in 2012, these guys are “dedicated to creating a cutting edge fitness experience that makes working out at home a viable, exciting option.”  We always support a good mission, and will root for this company….and we won’t hold that terribly cheesy TV commercial we saw against them 🙂

Peloton.  Innovating at-home exercise.  Give them a look.  And enjoy your Friday workout!