Hip Daddy

05 03

Use Your Outdoor Voices Please…

Interesting brand straight outta Lafayette Street in Soho as well as Austin, Texas…

Outdoor Voices.  Love the name, btw.  Strong.  They make technical apparel for recreation.  In fact, they “believe that fitness doesn’t have to be defined by performance, and we celebrate approaching activity with moderation, humor, and delight.  We live by the tenet that Doing Things is better than not Doing Things, and our apparel is designed for lives spent on paths, fields, streets, and everything in between.”  Great belief and value system, Hip Daddy Can support it!  In terms of the product itself, we are really liking their new Stretch Crepe line.  From the running jacket to the jogger pant to the Flatiron tee, they have something for every Hip Daddy activity.

Work, play, run, walk, chill, chase, etc. , Outdoor Voices is actually quite perfect for the Hip Daddy lifestyle.  Check them out.