Hip Daddy

08 15

The 42nd Falmouth Road Race & Why We Run.

The weekend is here, and nothing says Summer like a good early morning run.  Every Hip Daddy out there has their own personal exercise regimen…from SoulCycle to Barrys Bootcamp to Yoga to Weights to simply lifting a newborn…Hip Daddy Health is important.  But given the amazing weather, we like to be outside and enjoying the sights and sounds and smell of August.  So let’s talk about running.  Why We Run?

We Run.

We run because our Dads did.  Something like 3 miles a day for two decades…or something crazy like that.

We run because we can.  Thankfully.

We run because the Charles River is like no other running path.  Just ask Haruki Murakami.

We run because the early morning ‘nod’ to a fellow runner makes us feel a part of something.

We run because that stroller we are pushing makes it even harder.

We run because our knees feel it.

We run because Beats By Dr Dre makes it easier.

We run because sweating feels so good.

We run because that personal best is always out there.  Whatever that may be.

We run because our minds like the extra oxygen.

We run to create.

We run to explore.

We run because sometimes the word ‘jog’ actually sounds so relaxing.

We run to stretch.

We run to remember, to think.

We run alone…but never really alone.

We run because NOT running…is even worse.

So there you have it.  We like to run.  With that being said, the Hip Daddy Team will be partaking in the 42nd annual Falmouth Road Race this Sunday, August 17 in Falmouth, Cape Cod.   More than 12,000 runners will join us, including many of the world’s elite, though the essence of the event remains a fun run…”Back-of-the-pack joggers share the road with the best, forming a tapestry of colors from the start on Water Street to the finish at the beach in Falmouth Heights.”  This sounds like an actual beautiful race.  We are looking forward to it.  Hip Daddy Sport and Hip Daddy Health Approved.  And finally, despite New Balance being the sponsor, we will not be in those…will it be Boulder, Beaverton or Lexington on our feet? Hmm…Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @HipDaddy1 for more racing coverage and commentary.    Enjoy your weekend.  Go for a run.


Photo credit: Scott Mason.