Hip Daddy

03 20

Social Distancing. #STAT.

Just a little over a week into our COVID-19 Chronicles, and probably the most important term and practice for health and safety is indeed, Social Distancing.   We must all...

03 19

Mandatory Recess Announced.

One of the saddest part of schools being closed and distance learning is the loss of the institution of recess.  Our kids crave recess, it's typically the best part...

03 18

Commuting Life…Changed.

With more companies instituting work from home policies, the landscape of 'commuting' is essentially vastly different...as in, nobody is commuting much anymore.   And yes, someday as this progresses, you...

01 17

This State Bag. Your Kid. Go…

It's kinda that simple.  State Bags.  We've loved this company from the start, and their #giveback cause is something you absolutely want to get behind.  Plus, your kids will...

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