Hip Daddy

04 13

On-Demand Laundry Service? Hello Weekend.

It’s Friday, in fact Friday the 13th (boo), which means the weekend is almost here.  And by weekend, we mean it’s gonna be a busy one.  For those of you who have kids in sports, Spring season is here (despite the horrific winter like conditions) and so lacrosse, baseball, track etc are now populating our calendars.  The truth? You don’t have much time on the weekends.  So how is that laundry going to get done? Well, nowanddays you got lots of options that don’t require you, Hip Daddy O, doing any laundry whatsoever.

Laundry pick-up and delivery has been around for awhile, but because of most business models/concepts, they leave just about as quick as they enter the category.  That said, we are an on-demand world on our phones, so somebody has to figure it out! Rinse is a SF based dry cleaning and laundry start-up that has raised about $25M to date, and services SF, LA, Chicago, Boston and DC.  Unlike others before them, they focus on a nightime operational strategy and ‘own’ the entire process- including those who pick-up & deliver your items (no gig economy here.)  This seems to be working.

We like clean clothes (we don’t like Friday the 13th :). We like weekends that don’t require doing laundry.  We are busy Hip Daddys.  So whether it be Rinse or another one in your city, download the app, send a text, and off you go to cleaner pastures.