Hip Daddy

04 16

Marathon Monday is Here. Let’s Talk Runologie.

Marathon season is here.  Shoes, shirts, and shorts…inda important for all runners.  From weekend milers to crazy ultra marathoners, what you wear does in fact matter.  And although we love our Marathon Sports at the finish line in Boston, we are going to head south and talk about yet another cool running company straight outta Raleigh Durham…Runologie.

Runologie is the only independently owned and operated specialty running store in Raleigh, NC providing quality shoes, apparel and accessories for all runners.  Curation and creation is their “thing” and we like their vibe.  They know running.  Their Boylan Short and “R” Singlet are both Hip Daddy worthy, and they even carry a Massachusetts based Hip Daddy brand, Tracksmith, which gives them even more cred (in more ways than one.)

Run.  Hip Daddy.  Run.  Well, maybe not the Boston Marathon, but something.  And look good while doing it 🙂  Thank you Raleigh for yet another Hip Daddy Approved company.