Hip Daddy

01 27

Breather: On-Demand Peaceful Breathing Rooms. Interesting…

Okay, just when you thought there couldn’t be another ‘AirBnb For…’ or ‘Uber For…,’ yet another one pops up.  And this one is kind of interesting…and maybe even brilliant.  Sometimes you just need some space- away from the world, away from the office, away from the daily routine, away from ‘it’, especially when you are living and working in the city.  Well, evidently some people agree with this need for space…

Breather is a relatively new start-up on the scene, which allows you to “find beautiful, practical spaces you can reserve on the go.”  Even better, “get peace and quiet, on-demand”, or quite simply “a room of your own, wherever you are, whenever you need it.”  Nice messaging guys, very well done and we get it.  So it’s less about finding a desk or communal workspace and more about finding a place for productivity…which could mean work, meet or really to focus with the shoes off…or a place to chill the f*&Ck out.  We like that.  And given they have raised $7.5million to date, sounds like some other people are liking it too.  Although only NYC, SF, Montreal and Ottawa are cities operating, we imagine more are coming soon enough…and perhaps it’s only a matter of time before the saying “I need a Breather” takes on different form (i.e “uber it.”)

So for you entrepreneur Hip Daddys and those who often find themselves traveling in NYC or SF and in need of some ‘space’ (for work, for you, etc), pull up Breather on your phone and unlock some peace and quiet.