Hip Daddy

03 10

Every Hip Daddy Needs some Soothe (ing).

The Hip Daddy lifestyle can be hard.   Hard on the mind, and hard on the body (especially if you have boys who really like to play!)  So yes, once in awhile, you need some TLC and we here at Hip Daddy HQ, always love a massage.  Like a really good massage, not a sketchy massage (LOL.)  A really good one at some type of spa with all the bells and whistles, etc.  We like this.  And although we like ‘going’ somewhere for a spa service such as a massage, some of you may to have the time and need someone to come to you.  Well, look no further…

Soothe, the on-demand massage service, just closed a $35 million Series B round bringing its total funding to $47.7 million…that is some nice cash, so somebody seems to believe in this one!  Soothe has a network of over 3,000 massage therapists who are independent contractors which means they have to bring their own tables, sheets and oils, and carry their own insurance.  Makes sense.  Quality control and overall screening will help them either sink or swim.  It’s all about who shows up at your door.   This could get ugly pretty quick or turn out to be a beautiful prosperous thing.  Let’s keep an eye out.

For now, it’s about that time for some pampering.  Watch out Soothe, Hip Daddy coming your way…