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Pet Tech: Rover’s Dog Platform.

Dog owners.  Gotta love them.  There is this mother we know who has a new puppy, and literally carries the thing against her chest/over her shoulder as if it were a cute little baby.  But it’s not…it’s a dog, #awkward.  That said, point is, the love of a dog owner cannot be denied, and therefore big businesses have been created around such feelings…

Dog walking services.  The days of the young hipsters wanting to be closer to animals and taking a semester off ‘to do good” (naturally you become a dog walker) have reached a completely new level.  Enter companies like Rover, a ‘grown-up’ business that has raised well over $100 million to build out the ultimate dog walking and pet sitting platform- it’s like Care.com, but for dogs…simple.  And with serious investors behind it, Rover means serious doggy business.  With thousands of dog sitters in cities across the US and Canada (yes, them), Rover is indeed “We’re the treat-your-dog-like-family dog people.”  So again, going back to that lady above, she would love the spirit and mission around Rover 🙂  Their services are here, watch their Puppy Cam, and get their app here.  

Love your dog.  Put your mind at ease when away.  Try Rover….’pet tech’ is kinda cool.