Hip Daddy

02 01

Lego’s Social Network Is Here. And Safe.

It makes sense.  We’ve always said Lego is one of our most favorite brands, not only because of their constant ‘product innovation’ and creativity, but ofcourse also because of the pure joy it brings to all our children across the globe.  It just keeps getting better, year after year.  And now, Lego Life is here.

Lego Life is basically a social network for kids ages 7-12, those who are essentially too young for the likes of Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.  Sure, there will always be YouTube videos of kids building legos (or opening Pokemon packs…very bizarre to us btw), but what YouTube lacks is where potentially Lego Life can prosper.  To be clear, it is not a building platform meant to digitize or replace the experience of physical bricks, but rather a platform for community, collaboration, and ofcourse creativity- all hoping to inspire kids to further build with ‘real’ Legos.  And like some of the apps, there is def some gamification going on where the more you post and engage, the more you unlock all sorts of Lego awesomeness.   

Safety first.  That’s the deal here.  Every Hip Daddy knows the dangers of young kids online and so making sure all platforms and games are indeed SAFE.  And Lego Life understands this ‘need’ and delivers.  Everything posted can only be Lego-related (nothing else whatsoever), and every single piece of content—photo, video, or text—goes through extensive monitoring.  The Lego Life three-step filtering process makes sure everything posted is appropriate for the kids…and that deserves a Hip Daddy hooray.

Finally, with the rise of mobile messaging and some of these gigantic platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Viber, there could be an interesting messaging play to this platform, but let’s see how it all evolves.  There seems to be endless opportunities for Lego Life, but with every app and especially such targeting the younger crowd, baby steps first…

Love Lego.   It’s a beautiful thing.