Hip Daddy

08 28

Viber: An Amazing App That Let’s You Connect Freely.

Yes, it is Back-To-School time which means loved ones, family and friends, are heading back to school….whether that mean Kindergarten or 6th Grade or University.  This is a moment in culture where ‘communication and connection’ are very important.  It’s stressful, for parents and kids, no matter what age.  And therefore, technology is key to making such transitional times better.  Yes, our beautiful iPhones help of course, but Hip Daddy likes to talk about ‘newer’ things, so let’s get started…

We all know Skype, but it’s ‘old’.  (Sorry, but it just is.)  Another player in this space is WhatsApp, which many of you might know because Facebook bought them for $19 Billion earlier this year…but that’s likely the only reason why you might know them.  Then there is Cyprus-based Viber Media (acquired for $900 million earlier this year too) which created a very smart, free, fun and useful internet messaging and calling service app called Viber.  It’s an interesting company attempting and doing some very cool things around the world- it has over 400 million users across 193 countries.  Wow.  So yes, it is more internationally known than here in the States, but that will likely change very soon…as you just can’t deny such an amazing product.  Especially America’s youth culture…

Did we mention Viber is fun? That’s right.  They have all sorts of engaging in-app content such as ‘stickers’ which take the emoticon to another level, and overall, help make this brand very creative.  (So for that young girl who draws and doodles on her white canvas Chuck Taylors, this Viber thing is for her!)  Self-expression in various digital forms…we like that.  And unlike WhatsApp (which is somewhat boring, linear and not so “instant”), Viber is deeper and attempting more of a larger lifestyle play…which makes sense when looking at the consumer.  Technology like this enables and empowers people to connect, to communicate, to express themselves, and ‘to do’…sound familiar?  Yes, our amazing younger generation loves these types of platforms that fuel an even more engaging and useful lifestyle.  The possibilities for Viber, specifically in the US marketplace, are endless.  And side note, did we mention their use of the color Purple in all their branding? We love it, as it signifies the creativity which both the color and company represent.  Well done.

Communication and Connection are two vital Back-To-School must-haves.  Apps like Viber make this possible.  So regardless of how old your children are, there are numerous reasons for all Hip Daddys to check out Viber.   Oh and did we mention it’s free? Hip Daddy Approved #plainandsimple.