Hip Daddy

10 13

Lego: One of the Most Innovative Brands Ever.

Talk about a brand that continues to innovate, year after year, LEGO is most certainly in the Hip Daddy Brand Hall of Fame.  And for such a simple piece of product/toy, it’s amazing how they continue to re-invent themselves and feed the global LEGO subculture!  Needless to say we love them.

From the retail stores to the partnerships, LEGO keeps us excited.  The stores are consistent in design and overall brand look/feel, and even better, the employees seem to love their jobs and know what’s up when it comes to any LEGO set/line questions.  The collab partnerships are brilliant, and is almost as if they are behaving like they are Converse when it comes to aligning themselves with the “right” partners. MineCraft, Star Wars, Angry Birds, Jurassic World…perfect examples of knowing what is hot at that moment in culture and creating product around it, all while inspiring and developing “the builders of tomorrow” which is sort of their tagline #awesome.

And as you might expect, LEGO is very important to most Hip Daddy Households.  There is something quite beautiful when watching your child build and play with legos, it never gets old.  Innocence yet determination, passion and energy to get the set built and complete, it all just makes you actually proud as a parent…and yes, makes you keep on buying! We actually feel okay buying legos because we believe it is indeed teaching them something and inspiring them to be creative…which is ofcourse Hip Daddy Approved.  On a side note, we even visited LegoLand in Carlsbad, which is basically an amusement park with some Lego statues around, so not a Hip Daddy Must Visit…but the kids will likely love it and have plenty of stories to tell the friends.  Point is…the brand is an institution and can build hotels and amusement parks as their fans will surely visit!

So the weekend is approaching, go get some LEGO in your life.  Innovation and Creativity, that is what this brand is all about…been doing it since 1949.