Hip Daddy

02 02

Rag & Bone Varsity Jacket: Super Bowl Sunday Ready.

Okay, so the big Super Bowl party approaches and you need something to wear.  Or, you are staying in and having your own Super Bowl party with the kids (#nobrainer)…but maybe need an excuse to get some Rag &Bone in your life? Whatever the case, the end of the NFL season is almost here (booo hoooo btw) and embracing your High School hero good ole days is okay, just this once.

For those of you Hip Daddy athletes, you got the Varsity letterman jacket.  And you wore it with pride.  It got those cool letters, it got you dates, and it likely got you in trouble too.  Fast forward years later, although your original Varsity jacket is either long gone or still in storage (having a hard time letting go evidently), the newer age Varsity jacket is here and many designers are getting in on the game.  We like the Arden from Rag & Bone…classic and has some sort of ‘grown-up’ look to it which suits the Hip Daddy.  Made from fleece, this jacket can entertain or it can cozy-up.  Your call come gameday.

Go Varsity, Hip Daddy.