Hip Daddy

04 28

IdeaPaint: Great for The Office. Great for The Home.

IdeaPaint is dry erase paint that lets you create a useable, interactive space on practically any surface at work, school or home.  This is simply awesome, walls are now your blank canvas!  It’s been around for a few years now…but never too late to make sure you all know about it…because you need to know about it.

Yes, it is a brilliant idea to have this in the workplace…it spurs collaboration and of course creativity.  And in fact, IdeaPaint is proven on the walls of the world’s most innovative and successful companies…it helps propel the space program at NASA, drives the mind giants at Google, and gives Apple the space to dream a little bigger than most.  And even the Hip Daddy HQ rocks IdeaPaint, it just makes ‘work’ easier.

Now, how about the kids? IdeaPaint gives you and your family a place to interact, communicate and fully explore your creativity…wherever that may be throughout the house.  Write the kid’s chore list on the kitchen wall, play a random tic-tac-toe game on the living room wall, spark a new masterpiece in the bedroom, write ‘reminder’ notes to your family members, or gather the friends and simply ‘create’ on the basement wall, graffiti style!   The opportunities are endless for indoor thinking, exploration and discovery.  Without even trying, your household will become more creative, communicative, and organized when using IdeaPaint.  And have no fear, it is water based, non-toxic and environmentally conscious so nothing to worry about when using this amazing paint.

Unleash your creativity.  IdeaPaint is most certainly Hip Daddy Household Approved.   Go try some.