Hip Daddy

02 28

Poppin: An Office You Won’t Want To Leave

Who said office supplies have to be boring? Well, a cool company called Poppin didn’t get this memo and has been helping people “work happy” for a few years now.  They are an e-retailer of colorful, minimalistic style office supplies, and starting to take over offices everywhere.

“Poppin believes you should be able to surround yourself with objects of beauty everywhere you go and in everything that you do. Whether you are making grocery lists, taking notes at the latest TED conference, or pitching the next big account, you should be able to do it with a smile and style. This is why we exist.”

Yeah, every Hip Daddy digs this type of vision, and likes the subtle nod to who their customer might just be.  And let’s not forget the kids, the school supplies including their awesome accessory pouches and funky pebble erasers are will keep any little one occupied in a fun way.

Poppin.  Hip Daddy Office Approved.