Hip Daddy

08 12

Vince Kid’s Collection. Yep, You Need to Know About It.

We’ve covered Vince before (as we love their men’s jean) but now we are here to talk about the little ones, and an awesome Kid’s Collection from the Vince label that is nothing but straight up adorable.  Yes, every Hip Daddy needs some Vince in their life, for themselves…and now for their children!

This brand from NYC has curated an amazing collection designed for everyday effortless dressing, for the playground or a night out on the town with Daddy!  The garments are essentially ‘tinier’ expressions of the luxe sportswear line created for the adults—with easy knits, elevated outerwear, and timeless essentials for every closet.  As Vince CEO Jill Granoff states, “We are thrilled to expand Vince into childrenswear and offer our customers cool kids clothes that embody the Vince brand DNA”….that works for us, well done Jill.  From amazing cashmere hoodies to leather pants to faux fur vests to slim fit jeans, Vince Kid’s has you covered for pretty much everything.  For the girls, we especially love this Shirt Dress.  And for the boys, how about this Double Layered Hoodie.

Now, we here at Hip Daddy HQ refuse to start talking about Back To School (BTS) because we simply love summer and are enjoying every day of it, and can’t quite grasp it is all coming to an end soon enough.  Boo Hip Daddy Hoo.   So, consider this a BTS tease of sorts.  Vince is worth it.