Hip Daddy

05 06

Healthy Skoop is Hip And Healthy.

Superfoods are good for you.  But what are they really? And how possibly can you consume all of them on a daily basis?  Well, folks, a company out of Colorado is changing the way we think about and consume superfoods.  Skoop is here…super, simple, superfoods.

Superfoods put critical micronutrients and phytonutrients in your system.  These important “fuel additives act as catalysts and assist the body in digesting food; moving muscle; growing new tissue; healing wounds; and squeezing the most out of that energy from carbs, fats, and proteins. Though not required to sustain life, fiber, antioxidants, adaptogens, green grasses, and probiotics fight inflammation and acidic build-up, increase energy and resilience, and boost your immune system.”   In a nutshell, you can transform into a much healthier, energetic, rebooted individual.  This is a Hip Daddy Health must have.

Skoop is a powdered formula that you can mix with a variety of different recommended options- from Almond milk to Juice to yogurt to oatmeal.  We took their 5 Day Challenge…(5) 50 calorie serving packs complete with super veggies, green grasses, super reds, omega 3s, etc…basically the equivalent of 10 servings of vegetables is in one packet….awesome.  And let’s not forget the ‘beautiful’ presentation.  The packaging is elegant and nicely designed, complete with a nice welcome note and a smart handbook.   The overall brand experience is very informative and purposeful…well done Skoop!  )You can tell a bunch of creative advertising people are behind this one.)  We are happy to report…we think it works.  Why wouldn’t it?  That amount of healthy goodness in a small packet works for us.  Energy levels are up, the Hip Daddy HQ has a glow to it after the Healthy Skoop 5 Day Challenge.

We featured Newton Running last week, and now Skoop.  Something good is going on in Colorado…and most definitely Hip Daddy Approved.