Hip Daddy

05 29

Hip Daddy Wellness: Cocobeet Juice Bar

Hip Daddy is always in search of health and wellness…you need to be on your A-Game at all times…from homework help to Little League Coaching to playdate supervision!  We discovered an amazing company with a downtown Boston location that is all about healthy and clean living.  Cocobeet is a community oasis with daily-made, organic, locally sourced, pure food meals and juices of the highest nutritional power.  They are simply a pure, healthy, and delicious grab-and-go food that you need to know about.

Cocobeet considers themselves to be “Plant Packed Living” that helps all to “Reroot Your Life™”.  We like this sort of ethos.  And the ease and convenience of the grab-and-go mentality only makes them more appealing.  They are passionant about what they do and their products work.  From Power Smoothies to Smart Breakfasts to All Day Energy to Salads/Sandwiches, they have something for every Hip Daddy.

Juice and whole-food cleansing is a good start to your day.  Visit Cocobeet and you are one step away from a healthier Hip Daddy living.