Hip Daddy

03 13

Hip Daddy Health: BluePrint Juices

Hip Daddy believes in living a healthy lifestyle.  And for all you Dads out there looking for a little health and detoxification, look no further than BluePrint– yet another Brooklyn based company that is doing it ‘different’ and right.  Think of it as cleansing the body through juicing, really good juices…that taste delicious (and that’s important given the other ‘stuff’ on the market that is not so tasty.)   BluePrintCleanse offers a variety of different programs, but basically, you drink bottles of juice throughout the day…and voila, you are much healthier, leaner and ready to conquer the world.   How? BluePrintCleanse gently rids your body of impurities, helps regains an alkaline balance and normalizes digestion and metabolism.   Sounds great.  and it is delivered to you, so no excuses.   Or if you aren’t ready to do the full-on program, simply visit any Whole Foods where you can buy it by the bottle.

Living in a household with any children can easily corrupt any sort of Hip Daddy nutritional aspiration, but have no fear, BluePrint is there for you.   Yes, there are tons of options out there, and juicing is rather hip right now, but if you want to try just one experiment, try BluePrint.