Hip Daddy

08 07

Baxters of California: Grooming Is A Good Thing.

Grooming is important to any Hip Daddy.  It’s just an important element in our lifestyle…we must take care of our skin, our hair, our bodies.  And this company out of Cali has just what you need to keep you looking good and healthy.

Baxter’s of California is men’s grooming in a California Cool kind of way. And it has a heritage story every Hip Daddy can get behind.  Baxter Finley was basically Don Draper, an ad exec, who was way ahead of the curve.  He launched his for-men-only Super Shape moisturizer in 1965, a time when men’s skincare and grooming wasn’t in most people’s vocabulary.   Yet, a la Don Draper (with his allure and charm), Baxter’s manly moisturizer product was an instant success, and he soon expanded into a complete line of skincare products.  By the 1970s his shave creams, toners, and nighttime balms had gained a cult following among the Hollywood crowd.  Not a bad story.  Well done Baxter.

We like a wide range of the product line. But more specifically, we like their award-winning Herbal Mint Toner (with cucumber extract), and the Daily Face Wash, which is coconut-derived infused with antioxidants like ginseng. This all sounds great. Hip Daddy likes to keep it clean and looking refreshed and smooth! And side note, of course they have a retail extension which is a Barber Shop (a la Harrys) which you might want to check out next time in LA.

Yes, this brand has been around since 1965, but it feels very fresh and new. Grooming is good.  ‘Mind’ yourself.   Try Baxter’s of California.