Hip Daddy

04 09

It’s Finally Spring, Have a Sweetgreen Salad.

Yes, depending on which city you live in, there are tons of salad options.  But Sweetgreen is doing some cool things we should all know about.  First and foremost, they are a organic, farm-to-table salad shop founded in our nation’s capital, Washington D.C.  Farm-to-table is one of those buzz phrases now for companies like this, so just embrace it…it only means good healthy things for you! From the Kale caesar to the District Cobb to the Chic P, the menu is delicious and has something for everyone.

We also love their overall design as a brand, very clean and ‘fashionable’ for a salad shop.  They also do Sweetgreen in Schools which is a series of interactive classes where students learn about healthy eating, sustainability, the importance of local sourcing and where food comes from.  How brilliant and smart is that? And even cooler, they have a Sweetgreen Music Festival, with artists like Foster the People, Chromeo and 2 Chainze playing this Spring! What? Is this a salad shop or a cool lifestyle brand? Well done all around Sweetgreen.

And for you Bostonians, take part in the Sweetgreen craze and check out the shop on Boylston St  in the Back Bay or Fort Point.   Yes, it is no secret that Hip Daddy loves a Chop’t in NYC, but Sweetgreen is right up there and gaining momentum.  Now go get some greens…