Hip Daddy

08 14

Wiffle Ball: The Ultimate Hip Daddy Beach Activity.

It’s August.  It’s hot.  The family vacations are in full swing.  The beach calls.  That being said, in order to keep the kids interested and involved, every Hip Daddy needs to come prepared.  And thank heavens for this amazing thing called ‘Wiffle Ball.’  It is just what you need to keep the kids running and excited to be on the beach, no doubt.  And for you history buffs, “the ball most commonly used in the game was invented by David N. Mullany at his home in Fairfield, Connecticut in 1953 when he designed a ball that curved easily for his 12-year-old son. It was named when his son and his friends would refer to a strikeout as a “whiff”.  Perfect.  #nowyouknow.

Without further adieu, here is why Hip Daddy loves the great game of Wiffle Ball as the beachside August activity:

Yellow & White.  It doesn’t get much easier and symbolic as that.  The bats are yellow which speak to the summertime sun.  And the balls are white which speak to the sand beneath your toes.  Play ball!

Learn to Hit A Curve.  Because of the ‘wiffle’ ball design, lots of movement can be instilled by the pitcher.  This means your child will not only learn how to throw a ball with movement, but will more importantly learn how to hit a curve ball.  Hand eye coordination at its best.  This is basically a conduit to that Division 1 baseball scholarship every Hip Daddy hopes for…but you are on the beach…#enoughsaid.

“Beaning” and Ghost-Runners Are Allowed.   Due to the lightness of the ball and the beach terrain, the rules make way for all sorts of fun…and possible meltdowns.  Ghost runners are a must, regardless of how many kids in the mix.  It helps inspire the kids to keep going and know that every hit/at bat counts.  The score counts on the beach!  That being said, to keep things fair and even more exciting, ‘beaning’ is okay.  What? Yes, that’s right, if you are stretching a double into a triple and the ball tags your body via a Hip daddy throw…you are out.  Plain and simple.  This teaches your kids to learn to run the bases properly and also adds to the excitement of wanting to score.  And let’s not forget, nobody will get hurt by this small plastic ball.  Yet, ‘face shots’ or anything above the shoulders is a no go and not welcome in this Wiffle Ball beach fun!

Hip Daddy Can Hit The Long Ball.  What your kids might not know is that you have been playing this sport since their age.  That said, you have knowledge and skill like no other.  You know how to swing this little yellow thin bat.  You know how to gauge the wind and select what pitch is yours.  You know how to send it deep into the dunes.  Every Hip Daddy knows Wiffle.  So, your kids might not like running after the long ball, but they will learn from “their Master.”  They will learn that it is a game of fun, but also a game of technique and knowledge.  Okay, so maybe you get caught at home plate trying to score or maybe you don’t.  Regardless, Hip Daddy knows how to hit the long wiffle ball on the beach and that in itself is a learning for all Hip Daddy kids.

So there you have it.  August is in full swing.  Kids need an outlet before going back to school.  The beach is your Field of Dreams.  Get some yellow in your life.  Buy the wiffle ball set and let the fun begin.