Hip Daddy

03 04

Away: The Start-Up You Need To Know About…Now.

Given the Hip Daddy lifestyle, travel is a very important ingredient…it’s part of the deal.  Whether it be for work or with the kids (or both), we here at Hip Daddy HQ are always looking for companies trying to advance all areas of travel.  Furthermore, given our passion for the entrepreneurial spirit, we constantly have our fingers on the pulse of any new and exciting start-up looking to make some waves…

Away Travel is a NYC based start-up looking to enable better, smarter travel, in a very simplified form.  One piece of luggage that has exactly what you might need, and nothing more.  The Away Carry-On is a one-size fits all type offering, with the hardshell exterior but overall light in weight.  Solid zippers, a premium interior mesh, as well as a TSA approved combo lock…can it get better? Well yes, it can.  A removable interior 10,000 mAh battery and two USB ports let multiple devices charge at once (wall adapter and luggage-charging cable are included) so no more huddling in the airport corner next to the outlet or docking station…#dontbethatguy.  Finally, from a brand perspective, they have promise.  With such language as…

“We don’t have to tell you the pros of getting away. Whether it’s setting out somewhere new, returning to family and friends, or tacking a few days of culture onto a work trip, just being somewhere else is a powerful thing. The drag is getting there: dealing with dead phones, broken luggage, and your own disorganization.  Away is devoted to eliminating the cons of travel, leaving you vacation-type joy without airport-type anxiety.  And because our luggage is sold directly to the consumer (that’s you), we can offer the highest-end quality for a lower-end price, with no sacrifices, middlemen, or markup. It’s like a trip with no layovers—the best way to travel.”

We like this, a good start.  And likely resonates well, with all Hip Daddys.  So give them a look, we know a more simple lifestyle is always on the Hip Daddy “To Do” list.