Hip Daddy

03 08

Today’s Hip Daddy Approved: The North Face Millerton

By now, you know our obsession with all things camo, so yes, let’s keep taling about this awesome Hip Daddy approved pattern.  And given this awkward month of March where the temp could be freezing one day and 60 degrees the next, let’s discuss a jacket for the wardrobe too.  And ofcourse, let’s combine the two…

North Face.  Great brand, great story, great product.  And side note, our friends at Mekanisim have been doing some solid work for the company too….#creativityshines.  Anyhooo, given the product typically holds up to anything the Hip Daddy lifestyle will throw at it (always on the go with the kids), let’s talk about a jacket with style too.  Enter the Millerton jacket.  Love it.  The two-layer shell provides the reliable protection and the year-round technical performance you need but also delivers the swag element with the camp pattern.  All set with this one.

So March is here and it’s always weird, you need the right jacket in your life and you always need some camo in your life…#getsome.