Hip Daddy

02 06

The Tracksmith Duffel: Hip Daddy Approved.

The weekend is here.  A quick getaway to the Cape for some down time with the kids? A workout? A road trip to Vermont for some skiing? A last minute invite to the Super Bowl? You need a bag.  And you need the right bag.

The Duffel.  Classic.  Versatile.  Something every Hip Daddy needs.  Now let’s talk about this Massachusetts-based apparel brand called Tracksmith.  Fairly new on the scene (and we covered them before), but we keep liking what they are doing.  Overall, the brand design is nicely done and the product looks great, some nice storytelling too.  Their Limited Run Club Duffel is quite perfect.  “Constructed from rugged, heavyweight canvas with leather reinforcements, stitched to ensure another generation gets as much use from it as you will”, this duffel is perfect for whatever your weekend throws at you.  And even better, this baby is Made In Massachusetts, manufactured by the Steel Canvas Bag company (founded in 1921.)

So check out Tracksmith and let your belongings come with you in Hip Daddy style.   Happy Saturday.