Hip Daddy

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Get Some Salsa in Your Life. Rimowa Style.

Okay.  Travel is very likely a reality with every Hip Daddy.  Either business or family related, planes and trains and automobiles are a part of your travel fabric.  Which means you need to take your belongings somewhere in something.  Yes, depending on your travel and duration, a backpack or duffle might suffice.  But at the end of the day, every Hip Daddy needs a good suitcase…#plainandsimple.  And yes, TUMI is great, but soooo 2002, so let’s try something else…

Rimowa is our go too.  It is a German brand which means lots of good things are coming at you in a very stylish manner (a la other HD favorites like BMW and Dr. Hauschka.)   Their luggage is a European leader for a reason, and has been a travel staple for decades.   We especially love the Salsa, a true pioneer and the first RIMOWA case to be made from the robust material polycarbonate.  So yes…these things are durable.  The wheels too.  Like the dance, this piece of luggage moves around nicely and is sexy.   Weird but true.  Nice name.  You can pack more than you think, and its’ shape makes it easy to stow away.  It looks great in line for a Jetblue Flight, in the back of a Suburban, or chillin on the Accela.  Travel made easy…#allaround.

The Holidays are here.  Travel is likely.  Make your life easier, Rimowa can help.