Hip Daddy

07 05

Hip Daddy With Kids Flying Alone? We Got You Covered.

For all you traveling Hip Daddys over the Holidays…

It’s really not that hard.  The Hip Daddy is a prepared and strategic being, so therefore no airport or airline will get in our way to a successful and fruitful day of traveling the friendly skies.  So here goes, our can’t miss guide to airline travel with the kids…

Getting Thru the Airport.

If you have a child under 3, we’ve got three words for you…Sit N’ Stroll.  Lilly Gold makes this crazy smart product that can function as a car seat and a stroller and fits in every airline seat….it’s brilliant.  So the days of rigging your current carseat on one of those wheeler things are over, or the lugging of a heavy carseat when you got plenty of other things that need to be held.  The Sit N’ Stroll can go from car seat to stroller at the turn of a head.  It’s expensive, but worth the investment….and they have a high online resale value too!  And ofcourse, have the kids wear slip-on shoes (Vans makes a classic) so there is no fuzzing over laces or shoes hard to get on/off.  And socks are a must, no matter where you are!  And heck no, Crocs are not allowed #plainandsimple.


Yes, your kids will want their stuff with them at all times.  We can appreciate this.  But that ‘stuff’ needs to be strategically considered.  Some things you check, some things you bring onboard.  Anything they cannot carry themselves (despite pushback) is not allowed.  Therefore, backpacks are the way to go.  No, the wheely backpacks/suitcases will not work..why? Because at some point Dad will need to take them and if they can’t fit on your back, stressful situations arrive.  Backpacks are crucial…the kids are more likely to carry and if not, they are easy for you to strap over the back.  Packs with extra compartments are a must.  And yes, Hip Daddy loves the Herschel backpack for kids and Hip Daddy.

Let’s Not Get Sick.

Sanitary solutions are paramount.  Airports and airplanes are gross.  Spare us the cleaning crews…they can only do so much.  It’s all about a plethora of wipes, sanitizers and clothing that covers the entire body.  The less contact with germs, the more healthy this trip will be.  So douse the hands in Purel, wipe down the windows and trays, and off you go.  Enough Said.

Filling the Tummy Sans Airline Food.

Snacks.  You need them.  All kinds of them.  The airline industry now believes in not feeding their passengers so you must take the reins.  And no, you don’t want to buy any packaged offering they are selling…who knows their history.  That said, the likes of Virgin and JetBlue seem to have some legit options..but best case, buy some stuff at the airport or pack at home for a more cost effective option.  The Hip Daddy menu consists of water, juice boxes, unsalted pretzels, goldfish, GoGo applesauce, homemade sandwiches, Annies gummies. and some cheerios of course.  Ziplock bags are great for traveling.  Divvy up rations per child and label accordingly.  Devote one carry-on backpack to food and drink (as well as above wipes/sanitizers.)

To Keep Them Busy

Headphones are a must.  And although they might want Hip Daddy’s black matte Beats headphones, think again.  KidzGear actually makes a great kids headphone at an affordable price.  They stay on and the sound is excellent…wow.   The $2 one JetBlues offers at the gate always seem to get lost or break or simply cause some sort of problem….and problems are never a good thing at 35,000 feet.

Games.  Fine, one IPad will likely solve everything in this category.  But how about some old school fun? A deck of UNO. How about some Crayola time? A pad of paper and crayons.

Other Tidbits.

Always fly JetBlue or Virgin for the obvious reasons of space and TV’s.  Book early morning or late afternoon flights to possibly inspire some sort of nap situation.  Make ‘friends’ with the flight attendants.   Board first, just tell them you need extra time…it’s key to get situated and secure above compartment space.  And lastly, keep calm and carry on….breathe deep, a lot.

Hip Daddy loves travel.  And bringing the kids along is even better.  A summer family vacation involving airline travel might be daunting to some.  But for the ‘prepared’ Hip Daddy, it’s a walk in the park.  Enjoy your travel, fly safe.