Hip Daddy

02 28

You Had Us At Brandless…

We love a good company name.  We love good design, and a good logo.  So, yeah, you had us at Brandless…

Based in San Francisco, Brandless is a new kind of consumer commerce, all rooted in transparency, quality and a community-driven value system.  Oh, and yes, Brandless provides access to “better stuff for fewer dollars, it’s that simple.”  It is that simple, and every Hip Daddy likes #simplicity.  Trust.

$3 is the price point.  Ranging from food to cleaning supplies to beauty products to office supplies and more, Brandless is quite our DTC CPG little company.  Well not so little, having raised over $5o Million, this company is poised for some growth, and thanks to their losing the “brandtax“, Brandless can offer its goods at 40% less on average than comparable products.  Watch out traditional grocery store, Brandless is coming for you.  And let’s not forget their partnership with Feeding America, smart and fitting for a company with a beautiful mission.  Buy some Brandless, feed some people.

Brandless.  Buy some.  Did we mention we love their branding? 🙂