Hip Daddy

03 18

Harry’s is Here. A Shave Every Hip Daddy Needs.

Hooray, Harry’s is disrupting a stale and traditional men’s shaving product category.  With the likes of Gillette and Schick dominating the landscape, the available choice for consumers is tiresome and there is now indeed room on the block for a young ‘start-up’  like Harry’s.  That said, having just raised  $122M and purchased an iconic and important shaving German factory (Feintechnik), they are making quick moves and turning heads.  

In terms of the brand, it is clean and simple…similar to Warby Parker…which Harry’s Co-Founder Jeff Raider helped start as well.  Makes sense.  The packaging and overall presentation is awesome and really makes you feel a part of something ‘bigger’.  When receiving my new personalized Winston shaving kit, I was amazed at how affordable it all was ($40).  And for those of you who don’t need your name on your razor (sorry, but it’s cool), sets start at simply $15.  It’s a beautifully designed product that gives a great shave- honestly, this might actually be “the best a man can get.”

And if all this doesn’t persuade all Hip Daddys to check out Harry’s, they partnered with Boston-based City Year on a One Plus One Program where they donate 1% of sales and time to City Year programs…yet another company invested and interested in community and giving back.  Oh, and they have an actual barber shop in NYC you cannot miss.  All in all, well done Harry’s.