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The Warby Parker Crystal Collection. We Like. A Lot.

Warby Parker.  Yes, we’ve featured this awesome brand before (in fact, they were one of our very first features.)  They are disrupting the eyewear category in a creative, smart and plain cool way.  We love every thing they stand for.

It’s all about the product.  And their product shines.  Originally released in 2012, the Warby Parker Crystal Collection, inspired by seasides and beach house nostalgia, is back and available in 3 styles.  We especially like the Nash which has a more vintage shape with generous square frames.  Vintage is a good thing.  According to Shannon Malone, Warby’s Director of product strategy,  “Customers started asking for crystal frames in our stores and showrooms, so we jumped on it immediately and started sketching…dark rims, like so many icons who wore them — from Buddy Holly to Bill Evans — will never go away…That said, crystal is having a moment: It’s more sly in its approach. Makes people take a second look.”  Sly design? A second look? You’ve got our attention.  Who doesn’t like a ‘double take’?

Every Hip Daddy needs some ‘eye candy.’  And clear frames rock.  The Warby Parker Crystal Collection is most certainly Hip Daddy Approved…thru and thru, #nuffsaid.