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Casper The Friendly Mattress…

Every Hip Daddy likes a friendly ghost (i.e Casper)…obviously.  But how about a mattress? We all know one of the essential must-haves of any Hip Daddy Household is the right mattress, and we all know finding and purchasing the right mattress can be a straight up hassle.  So let’s attempt to make this process easier…

Casper.  That’s right.  Not the ghost, but rather the awesome NYC based start-up that is disrupting the mattress world in a big way.  Sleep is important…like really important.  Every Hip Daddy needs their zzzz’s to be on top of their game- at home, at work, on the playground, on the diamond coaching, or at the PTA meeting.  Casper is a basic, simple concept that has grown rapidly since it’s launch in mid 2014…produce the best mattress possible at an affordable price, sell a single model, and deliver it quickly, for free, with a 100-day trial period.  Easy, and much better than visiting one of these mattress stores that sell you hard on certain models with certain upgrades, delivery windows, etc.  The current buying process is too complicated and very broken…ripe for a little change or should we say big change?  Casper made $1 million in their very first month and have since reached $100 million in revenue, and have now raised north of $70 million.  Lots of numbers, lots of promise.  Think Warby Parker for mattresses, that sort of smartness and success.   So next time you are shopping for a mattress, keep it simple and give Casper a try.  Did we mention these are also perfect for the kids and potential sleepovers? Oh, and if you are a condo/apartment bound Hip Daddy, we like Casper for your needs too!

And with that sort of name, you have to love them…mattress shopping or not.  Sleep does your body good, find the right mattress please.