Hip Daddy

05 07

Work Smarter. Use Messaging Apps.

From Slack to Messenger to WhatsApp to GroupMe to Viber, the messaging app space is taking over.  In a good way.  Yes, these technologies can help every Hip Daddy work smarter, more efficient, faster, organized, and even more creative…all together.  Inspired by their start-up friends, larger corporations and organizations all around the world are starting to embrace the trend and have their employees utilize to boost productivity and overall communication in the workforce.  Teams can form their own groups/group chats, 1:1 messaging can instigate more healthy and timely communication- adding value and delivering usefulness are the marquee attributes to most of these messaging apps.  We also like the immediacy and ‘transparency’ of the technology, such as knowing when someone is online or  has ‘seen’ your message…or the ability to integrate such things as stickers/emojis, doodles, and many other self-expression type tools into one’s conversation- you would be amazed by how much a fun sticker can change the entire tone and direction of a conversation in the messaging space!  Say it with a sticker.  And yes, most of these apps are now encrypted, so your conversation is safe 🙂

Emails are soooo 2010.  Start messaging.  (By the way, although old news, parent group chats for classrooms and/or sports teams are an absolute must!)



Emails are so 2010.