Hip Daddy

07 01

Every Hip Daddy Needs The Perfect Beach Chair.

The beach means…summer and relaxation.  It’s pretty straightforward.  The beach is a classic setting for a family day trip, a weekend get away, or week long retreat.  Whether you are enjoying a cold Corona, body surfing with the kids, or simply looking for the next Great White, the beach is the place to be.  And we know that to make it through a full day on the beach, every Hip Daddy needs the right equipment….more specifically, the perfect chair.  And that’s where the Cape Cod Beach Chair Company comes in.

This company uses “a mix of youthful creativity and Yankee craftsmanship” to make a chair that will have you lunging on the shore ‘til the sun sets…it’s basically the BMW of beach chairs. There are over 15 different models, from the kids basic sling chair to the 5-position recliners. These chairs are built to order out of high quality wood frames and durable fabric that won’t stretch no matter how many summer days you spend relaxing in them. All the chairs fold flat for easy storage, and some even have built in backpack straps for convenient carrying. Even better, this company offers monogramming for its chairs, so every member of the Hip Daddy Household can have his of her chair personalized!

So why not make your beach experience that much better? Buy Cape Cod Beach Chair Company, and never want to leave the beach…except when that Great White shows up.  And if you find yourself in East Harwich/Chatham this summer, check out their store as well, you can’t miss the gigantic beach chair outside!