Hip Daddy

07 30

Did Someone Say A Water Balloon Fight?

Water balloons are awesome.  Whomever invented this concept deserves a huge CONGRATS  (and a Hip Daddy Tee too.)  Summer isn’t summer without a little water balloon fun in the background.  That being said, there are some issues with the water balloon ‘mystique.’  They take time, energy, and skill.  It’s not easy filling them up…whether it be a kitchen sink faucet or a garden hose, attaching them correctly is not an easy task and can be a quick buzzkill if things go wrong.  Energy? Again, your kids want immediate satisfaction so to fill up 20 balloons takes not only a physical investment, but also an emotional one.  And lastly, but very important, figuring out how to tie each balloon can get very stressful…1 out of 2 fail..yes, every Hip Daddy has been there.  Water balloons need help.

Alas, one Hip Daddy has come up with an invention to solve all water balloon woes…and in doing so, will help make the water balloon fight that of epic nature!  100 water balloons filled in 1 minute? Say it ain’t so.  But it is.  Josh Malone, a surely Texas Hip Daddy, has created Bunch O Balloons– a single use device that cuts right to the fun and makes 37 balloons in 20 seconds!  Wow.  Malone, a father to 8 kids (!!) has dealt with all too many hot Texas summers, and his family was tearing through thousands of water balloons each year:  “We put a lot of effort into filling them and tying them and being careful not to waste them before they’re done…It’s obviously very time consuming.” And with that, an awesome Kickstarter campaign was born…and doing very well, rightfully so.  Hip Daddy loves the Kickstarter ethos, and here, we have one that is worth your while.

So give a little…or a lot.  Bunch O Balloons is a life changing concept that can make every summer backyard fun like no other.   And efficient.  And pure bliss.  Hip Daddys rejoice…Josh Malone has you covered!