Hip Daddy

07 10

Every Hip Daddy Needs A Pendleton Beach Blanket.

Yet another cool brand from the Northwest making amazing products.  Pendleton (Woolen Mills) is based in Portland, Oregon with a storied heritage…a family owned business for 150 years that continues to innovate year after year.  From apparel to all sorts of amazing items for the Hip Daddy Household, Pendleton is one of those brands you need to know about…yesterday.  And evidently, “you can rely on a Pendleton for a lifetime of comfort and beauty.”  Nice.

But let’s talk about their blankets…from throws to bath to beach, their blanket offering is simply awesome.  Beautiful designs with amazing fabrics, the Pendleton blanket is more than just a blanket, it is a timepiece of style.  More specifically, Hip Daddy loves a beach blanket that ‘works’ for the beach.  That means, it is large, warm, comfy and able to hold a few PB&Js with no issue…and hopefully no stains!

And speaking of the beach, Pendleton has a pretty cool surf story as well.  Surf Pendleton recently launched and is a line featuring vintage-inspired labels, plus several limited-edition designs made with genuine Spooner Kloth™ in partnership with legendary surf brand Reyn Spooner®.  Surf Pendleton includes apparel for men (this Tee is awesome) and even a Pendleton Limited Edition Surfboard…all designed for a “very modern surfin’ safari.”  Oh, and a certain group called the Beach Boys wore the Pendelton shirt and even sang about it…product endorsement via music…wow, well before their day.  Smart.

So it’s summertime which means the beach is on your mind.  And therefore you need to start thinking about Pendleton.  And for you Bostonians, they just opened a new outlet store at Assembly Row which is awesome.  This brand is most def Hip Daddy Approved.  Enjoy the sea.