Hip Daddy

05 01

Newton Running: Hip Daddy Approved.

Newton Running is one of those shoe brands you just need to know about.  They are a running shoe…complete with color and the technology to help you run better.  Being based in Boulder, CO only helps their cause…as Boulder is the mecca for runners and the outdoor recreational guru.  Newton has a purpose, and their growing ‘cult’ following is something to be reckoned with.

Now, we could get into the whole minimalistic and natural running ‘movement’ around the growth of Newton, but we won’t.   Yes indeed, they are a great running shoe for all walks of life and degrees of runners, but what draws Hip Daddy to the brand is something else.   Newton is “socially conscious, eco-friendly, digital savvy, dogs-in-the-office runners who are committed to bringing you the best in Newton running education and products.”  That sort of descriptor is kind of cool and something we can rally behind.

Color.  They do it right.  In the industry, they call it “colorways”…Newton is known for their elaborate color schemes/designs…stuff that pops and leads many eyeballs to the foot.  The Men’s Motion III is amazing.  Newton will never be boring, and all Hip Daddy kids love a little rainbow of colors in their life!

And aside from the core running angle, from a lifestyle perspective, you pair Newtons with a nice denim jean or chino, and you have arrived…Hip Daddy style.

If you like to run, you need to check out Newton.  And if you simply to like to wear cool things on your feet, you need to know Newton.  It’s that simple.  A hardcore running brand that knows no boundaries.  Boulder is a great place and Newton has a purpose.  Newton Running is most def Hip Daddy Approved.